Simple Way To Remove Dreadlocks Without Shaving

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Removing dread locks requires patience since it a tidious process and takes alot of time.It can take even upto two weeks.The process is also expensive since it will use alot of products on the hair.Here are steps you can follow to remove your locks without necessarily shaving your hair.


The best way to start is to first remove some length. No matter how well you cared for your dreadlocks, the ends of your hair will not be pretty. It will likely be damaged and split, and will need to be cut anyway, so save yourself some time and do it now. If your locks are shorter, you can get away with cutting off less but the longer ones need more cutting. The goal is to remove the most damaged portion of the hair and give yourself a loose, “open end” of the dreadlock to work with.

Saturate with oil

Using a high quality hair oil, work plenty of it into the trimmed dreadlock until it is well saturated about an inch above the end. Oiling the hair is critical; not only will it aid in the removal, but it keeps the hair pliable. If you don’t do this, you could end up with hair broken off in many places.


Using a spray bottle filled with water, keep the dreadlock wet during the process. This also aids in untangling.


Here’s where the dreadlock removal begins. Your goal is to gently pick and poke directly into the end of the freshly cut lock with a highlighting comb, freeing the hair from the knots it has accumulated. You may know a highlighting comb as a rat-tail comb. It has a long point, like a thin knitting needle, on the handle end. Using this point, poke into the center of the cut lock and untangle the hair. Work in sections about one inch long. Once you get one inch fully unlocked, gently comb out that portion, add some oil, and move up. Got it? Keep doing this all the way up the lock until it is fully untangled to the root.


Since your hair has been used to being tangled for years oil and braid each unlocked section, tying it off with a rubber band so that it does not tangle back. This helped keep my unlocked hair under control while we worked the rest of my head.

Cleanse and condition

Once all of the dreadlocks have been unlocked, now is the time to lay back in the shampoo bowl and let your hairdresser treat your hair and scalp to a nice, long, gentle shampoo and deep conditioning.

Cut again

Once the cleansing and conditioning is done, dry and flat iron the hair, and my hair was again almost to my waist.After this you will be surprised how your hair will still be strong healthy and long even after all the cutting.Now you can cut it to the height you want or even leave it that way.

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