How To Prepare Tasty And Delicious Vegetable Sauce

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1. 4 Red Bell Peppers (Tatashe)

2. 2-3 Scotch Bonnet (Atarodo)

3. 2 Onions

4. 1 Cooking Spoon Palm Oil

5. Bubbled Assorted meats of your decision (Optional)

6. Dried Stockfish (panla)

7. Smoked Catfish

8. 1/2 cup Raw/Cooked Shrimps

9. 1/4 cup Smoked Prawns

10. 2 Knorr 3D shapes

11. 3 tablespoons ground Crayfish

12. Salt to taste

13. Any verdant vegetable can serve


1. Mix the Scotch hats and Bell peppers and an onion coarsely and put in a safe spot.

2. In a pot, include the Palm oil, leave to warm up on medium warmth for 2 minutes at that point include Chopped Onions, fry till clear…

3. Presently include the mixed pepper, half of the Crayfish, two Knorr 3D squares and salt to Taste. Leave to broil for 12-15 minutes however make sure to mix

4. At that point include the bubbled meats( in case you're utilizing any), prawns, crawfish, stockfish and Smoked catfish.

5. Consolidate and taste, change preparing whenever required. Leave to sear for a further 10 minutes. Presently include the washed vegetables, join completely. At that point include the remainder of the Crayfish.

6. Blended vegetable sauce Taste for preparing and change in the event that important, at that point leave to stew for a further 2 minutes with the lingering warmth and it's prepared… Your cooking time now will rely upon the kind of Vegetable leaves you're utilizing. For Vegetable leaves like Spinach or Water_leaf, you need only 2-3 minutes. For Ugu/Kale type surfaces, you'll need 5-6 minutes.


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