Kenyans React After Kericho Women Representative Wangui Ngirici Wrote This on Her Official Facebook


Kenyans have reacted after Kirinyaga women representative Wangui Ngirici wrote this on her Facebook page... 

She wrote "Lest we forget, 'Kikuyu council of elders' were in bondo late last year. Huyo mzee wa BBI anachezwa sawa sawa," 

Ngirici is a staunch supporter of the deputy president William Samoei Ruto's 2022 presidential bid. 

But his bid had been rubbished by the dynasties led by COTU secretary genera Francis Atwoli and Jubilee party vice chairman David Murathe who have termed him as corrupt and cannot be trusted with the country's leadership. 

She is a big critique of president Uhuru Kenyatta and she had declared her interest for three Kirinyaga gubernatorial seat which is currently being held by governor Anne Waiguru. 

Hee post recieved mixed reactions here are some of their comments. 

John Mumoh baraza says "Hao waangwana wawili wanaogombea 2022 hakuna mmoja atasaidia sisi kama Wakenya, wanapigania interests zao na vyeo.... Lakini yote tisa, Rûrîrî needs to be United,"

Kennedy Lemiso says "Sasa baba na Muturi, si ni watu tofauti,"

John Thiongo says "A leader come from the Lord,Remember what God told Samuel in the bible and at last David was given the mantle.They could have done this to Ndindi Nyoro,"

Anthonio Rodriquez wrote "There are many groupings calling themselves kikuyu council of elders...Who are being led by their own selfish interests,"

Daktari John says "Organize yours too. Muturi's star shinning brighter doesn't make yours darker. Organize yours too, then we shall see how many "elders" will attend,'

Andy G Gateri wrote "Wangui Ngirici mwai Kibaki remains king of GEMA until he depart in this world. Ata uhuru kenyatta hajakalia hiyo kiti.So confused generation,"