RIP, Man Dies Moments After Predicting His Own Death


Death is so cruel. Although it is an inevitability that everyone will pass through, it is still painful when one dies.

A man named Tony Weru died some moments after predicting his own death. According to reports, Weru was taken ill at 10 am in the morning.

He was consequently rushed to hospital to help stabilize his condition. He was put on oxygen before being transferred to Nyeri PGH.

In fact, he even posted the happenings on Facebook asking people to wish him well because death was coming. Unfortunately, by midnight Tony Weru passed on.

Tony Weru was a popular strawberry farmer. People are really going to miss his services. May his soul rest in peace.

Let us always observe social distance and sanitize. Covid-19 is real.



Kenyans had different reactions to the incident with most of them being sad and wishing Tony Weru's family well. See the sad reactions below from Kenyans: