Opinion Poll Shows Most Preferred Team Between Kenya Kwanza And Azimio One Kenya Party In Nairobi

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Kenya Kwanza led by Deputy President William Ruto will be battling against Azimio LA Umoja One Kenya party in Nairobi county for majority of the seats. From the top seat(presidential) to the bottom one(MCA), it will be Azimio against Kenya Kwanza. Latest poll however has alleged the team that could win majority of top seats.

Top seat it will be Ruto against Raila Odinga for the presidential race. According to the latest poll by Infotrak, Raila is in lead for the top seat with 49% popularity while Ruto is at 30%. The gap of 19% is separating the two leaders making Azimio most preferred team for the presidential race.

For the gubernatorial race, is between Senator Sakaja of Kenya Kwanza against Igathe of Azimio. From the poll results by Infotrak, Sakaja is ahead of Igathe with 39% preference compared to 33% of Igathe. This makes Kenya Kwanza most preferred team for the gubernatorial race.

In senatorial and women representative position, Azimio under Raila takes preference as the most preferred team. In senator, Edwin Sifuna of Azimio has 44% popularity compared to Margret Wanjiru of Kenya Kwanza with 12%. Women representative race, Esthet Pasaris of Azimio leads with 46% followed by Millicent Omanga of Kenya Kwanza with 20%.

According to this poll by Infotrak, Azimio could only lose one seat(gubernatorial) in Nairobi to Kenya Kwanza if election were held today. Presidential seat, senatorial seats and Women representative position all goes to Raila's team with all representative being more popular than Ruto's. Overall, Azimio's team looks to be stronger than Kenya Kwanza in Nairobi county.

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