After Carrying All The Cement For NPP? Mixed Reactions As Captain Smart Arrest

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The Nima Divisional Police Command today, Thursday, December 2, 2021, arrested Blessed God's Brain Smart popularly known as “Captain Smart”, the host of the Onua TV/FM morning show in Accra.

Not quite sure what specific utterances have been made by Captain Smart but we need to be cautious, and very cautious, even as we would like to see the IGP and Ghana Police succeed in their fundamental duties, functions, and service.

Below are some important questions and reactions asked by worried Ghanaians

Who monitored his utterances?

Who reported his utterances?

Are we monitoring all the hundreds of radio stations across the nation, in the various languages, to ensure equitable attention, to avoid any perceptions of a targeted witch hunt?

Justice on toothless people. What about Ken Agyapong, Hawa Koomson, NAM1 and the rest?

And even Lord Komey's comment is a threat to national security and he wasn't called to retract it at least.

Because it fumes future brutality as he said they aren't going let go of power no matter what.The opposition too will say booth for booth and what do they think this is going?

IGP is doing a good job but it's not still meeting the target which will make Ghana suit up its democratic values. He should put justice first before current issues.

Unless crime has expiry date.

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