Super Tuesday Matches Analysis With Amazing Odds, Over 2.5 And More Than 90 Odds


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Lazio verses Torino

Lazio welcoming his opponent team in the match. Lazio welcoming his opponent team which Under going relagation this season and next season won't play in Italy Seria A league in Italy. Lazio has played well this season and last fixture with Turn 3-2 with favour with Lazio. Lazio and Torino correct score in the match is 2-1 in the match. Lazio having 2.15 odds in the match while Lazio has 4.00 odds in the match.

Airdrie verses Morton

Airdrie the host of the match welcoming his opponent team Morton in the match. Airdrie welcoming his opponent team Morton in the match. The match will take place at 21.35 hours tonight. Both teams play in first division play out in Scotland. Correct score in the match 0-1 in the match. Morton has great form than Airdrie in the match.

Oxford verses Blackpool

Oxford the host welcoming his opponent team Blackpool in the match. Correct Score in the match will be 2-1 in the game favour going to Blackpool in the match. Blackpool being hosted by Oxford has few chances of winning in the match. Both teams play in England first league division in the match. Oxford has 2.90 odds while Blackpool has 2.90 odds in the game. Thank you for reading my article.