Poverty Is A Disease: See How This Boy Killed 6 Victims Because Of N500 That People Are Reacting To


Poverty is a disease: see how this boy killed 6 victims because of N500 that people are reacting to 

Poverty is truly a disease, believe me when I say money is not the root of all evil, poverty us the cause of all this misfortune happening in the society. Imagine killing 6 persons because of 500 hundred Naira. Tell me is that not poverty?

Do you know how many people have lost their lives no thanks to poverty? This boy with the name Sunday Sodipe, he was arrested by the Oyo state police in connection with the ritual killing of 6 persons, Akinyele Local government area of the state.

See screenshot or how he killed his victims.

Funny enough the boy is just 19 years old, after killing his victims, the herbalist will buy food for him and give him N500, imagine wasting a precious life just because of N500. Is not poverty not a disease?

See people reactions. 

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