Has Gunjan Of Sapne Suhane Gone Under A Slimming Course? Check These Recent Photos Of Her

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke just as Kumkum Bhagya made waved over TV stations when it was released an d aired.The two main actresses of the movie around who the story revolves are Gunjan and Rachna known in real life as Roopal Tyagi and Mahima Makwana respectively.Gunjan has been exceptionally good at her work and role.

Roopal Tyagi gained recognition due to the role she played in Sapne Suhane.The actress who is also a choreographer has been living a quite life for a while now after she was being cheated upon by her co-actor Mayank (Ankit Mohan) who was her real life boyfriend.Within the past few months,the actress has reduced in weight and it had been a miracle to most people.Well, slimness fits her.Check out her recent photos below.






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