Why the theory of evolution should be banned in schools?

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The Darwinian evolutionary theory argues that human beings evolved from apes over a long period of time stretching back to millions of years ago.

This evolution, as they say, was facilitated by the process of natural selection, which literally means, it all happened by chance. We can therefore look at the evolutionary account of how life came into being and draw answers from it to questions of origin and meaning.

There's some interesting literature that has been published by credible scientists documenting how the evolutionary process meets biological principles of natural selection, therefore presenting evolution as the only possible means by which life came into being.

One such scientist is Richard Dawkins(above) Of note is his book, ‘The God Delusion’. In the book, he goes to extra lengths to prove the non-existence of God, therefore debunking the creationist viewpoint of the origins of humans in favour of Darwin’s evolutionary account. 

Let’s say, just for argument's sake, that life is indeed a bi-product of nature's natural selective processes; we then have to conclude that the nature of life is that it is a product of promiscuous biomolecules.

Our lives have no meaning and there's no intrinsic reason for our existence. That is a very nihilistic way of looking at life. If our lives have no meaning, we then ought to close all hospitals.

Why bother save lives that are meaningless. Isn’t death then the ultimate hero in life because it eliminates the weak and gives the strong a chance to reproduce and preserve the survival of the species.

Needless to say, the theory of evolution, at least in its Darwinian version, renders our lives meaningless. If we are to accept it as the answer to the question of origins, we then have a problem in answering the question of meaning.

We will have to question our very morals, values, ethics and principles. Why then is it wrong to kill someone? Where do we get our morals? from the government? No! Obviously not.

Our fundamental human rights are predicated on the premise that human life is of intrinsic transcendent value, therefore it is morally wrong to take a human life.

It is important for people to understand the dangers of looking at life as purposeless bi-products of random cells.

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