Milly Wa Jesus Or Diana Bahati's Sister Compare Their Photoshoot

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Diana Bahati's sister Val and Milly Wa Jesus are both pregnant. Of late they both went for photoshoot and they posted their beautiful photos. Who do you think did it best?

Today Diana Bahati surprised her pregnant sister Val and took her out for a photoshoot.Val is pregnant and during their last video in YouTube Val said that she is counting weeks to give birth.

Diana Bahati took her sister for manicure, make-up and a hairstylst.She then took her for a photoshoot,where she did it with different attires,but as for now she has not posted all the photos.

Val was very happy,she was beautiful and she took good photos.

Milly Wa Jesus is also pregnant and she came to the limelight days ago to show that she is pregnant.

Kabi Wa Jesus ,took her wife for a photoshoot and she was beautiful and her photos came out nice.Kabi surprised her wife by putting their photo in a billboard ,she was very happy.The billboard read,"the Wajesus family is growing." The Wajesus are expecting their second baby and they showed joy to the world.

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