7 Regions and Sub-regions Where DP Ruto is Commanding Huge Support as Per The Latest Survey Poll

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IRS Released a survey poll today indicating that Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate, Dr William Ruto,is the most popular presidential candidate in the country with just a month remaining before general election.

On the popularity of these Candidates based on the regions, William Ruto is also commanding a lead in 7 Sub-regions out of the 12. Former prime minister Raila Odinga is leading in the remaining five sub-regions, this means that the stiff competition is being witnessed between UDA and ODM Candidates.

Among the regions and sub-regions where Ruto is leading includes North Eastern where he enjoys a support of about 47.4%, Mount Kenya East with 73.1%, Mount Kenya West with 66.6% and Mount Kenya diaspora with 66.1%. Other regions includes Central Rift valley where he enjoys a support of about 81.6%, Maa Rift 46.1%, and western Kenya with 48.3%. Check the post below to see Popularity of other candidates in different parts of the country.

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