5 Facts About Over-thinkers.

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When we here the word over-thinker we often assume that they are control freaks who are insecure but that is not the truth it is just that they they more than the average person. Of-course sometimes they tend to obsess over things but that is just their nature.here are 5 facts about over-thinkers;The first thing is that they try their best not to make the wrong choices because if they do they cannot sleep at night no matter how small or huge the decision is because every choice is important to them. Secondly, they expect a lot from other people and are very hard on themselves. Thirdly, they worry a lot about what is going to happen next so it is hard for them to live in the present. The fourth fact is that they often have more than one alarm set . Lastly, once they love someone they always love them and they put added meaning to everything.

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