Opinion: Praise Got Her Job Through The Social Media But Reverse Was The Case For Umoren


The advent of computers and smartphones brought ease to the means of communication in our modern world. Since the emergence of the use of social media, it has created a good platform for people most especially the youths to showcase their talents and gifts to the world at large.

Social media brought luck for Praise two months ago when her video went viral on social media as she begged for a job. Praise Atakele, despite having a bachelor’s and master’s degree, took to the streets of Warri in February to beg for a job.

Luck ran on her path when her video went viral of which she announced weeks later that she had been inundated with work offers from the United Kingdom and the United States.

Praise revealed on her Twitter account that she finally got a job, but she did not specify the location of the organization where she works.

Just like Praise, Umoren some days ago shared on her social media that she needs a job, but was declared missing after setting out to meet one Uduak Akpan for a job interview.

The police in Akwa Ibom State, on Sunday, confirmed that she was raped, killed, and buried in a shallow grave by Mr. Akpan.

The police spokesperson in Akwa Ibom State, Odiko MacDon, identified the suspect as a 20-year-old serial rapist.

However, Nigerians on social media, who have keenly followed the turn of events, have called for justice, using the hashtag #JusticeForHinyUmoren.

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