'It Has Been 7 Years Since My Son Died, But Our Friends Keep Asking For Him' Lady Painfully Narrates


Mary Getui narrated how she lost her firstborn through a tragic road accident. She is a mother of three and two grandchildren.

In the year 2004, she received a call from his second-born who informed her that his elder brother had been involved in an accident. He requested her to return home and forget about their journey. She had already left the country and had to return to the country immediately.

Upon arrival in the country, she went to the morgue and identified his son's s lifeless body. 

"My son was only 31 years old at the time of his death. He was very energetic, full of life, and always happy," she remembered.

Mary claimed that she spent the whole afternoon with his son before leaving. She vividly remembers his last words which were 'mum, I am ready to go before he took his motorcycle and leaf.

During her interview, she disclosed that several people always ask her about him. It has been seven years since he passed on, but they are yet to come to terms with his death.

He had established a bakery which is still been ran by his employee. 

After several months, Madam Mary visited the accident scene area and spent some minutes there. She claimed that she felt some connection between herself and her son.

At the end of the show, she thanked all her friends who always sent her encouraging messages and Bible verses.

She urged the members of the public to be present and always stand by a person who lost their loved ones.

May her beloved son rest in peace.

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