When an Unknown Number Calls You, Don’t Say “Hello,” Say this Instead To Avoid Being Scammed

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Undoubtedly, some people are continually attempting to guess the number. This occurs most frequently among young individuals who are indolent and believe that it is not important to do anything. As a result, they utilize their phones to dial random numbers and then use those numbers to make calls. As an alternative to these sluggish young individuals, there are scammers, who may have evil intentions, such as harming you or obtaining sensitive information about you. Wise people know how to deal with it and will never be taken advantage of.

Some of these callers are calling with the goal of contacting someone who is not technologically literate or proficient. Some of them pose as Safaricom agents, while others pose as bank tellers or tellers at ATM machines. A PIN for mobile banking or other information that would allow access to your account is then attempted by the program. The most important thing to remember is to ensure that you have enough information about what to do in such situations. Some obtuse young people will claim that you are his former partner, friend, or coworker. When you discover that you are sounding naive, they jokingly challenge you to identify their name.

The best you can do is to ring the first answer so that no one has a channel through which to make light of your situation. Your initial response demonstrates that you are well-informed and well-educated on the subject. As a result, the caller is apprehensive of any movement that may occur after you. So you may pick up the phone and politely inquire as to how you can assist. It's also OK to say "Tell me who you're speaking with" or "Please introduce yourself." This is a more informed and fashionable manner of speaking. If the caller does not answer appropriately, it is likely that he or she is a fraudster. Some of them abruptly end the conversation out of dread of what might happen.

If you are able to respond with a "hi" and engage in conversation without an appropriate referral, they will be aware that you are vulnerable to falling into their trap. Make an effort to be formal, courteous, and strict. From time to time, the employer will contact you in order to offer you a position. As a result, you are under no obligation to be disrespectful to him or her.

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