Dramatic Scene As A Goat And Two Hens Are Spotted In Hospital Ward Resting Next To A Patient


A dramatic incident has been reported in one hospital Ukambani region after a goat and two hens "visited" their owner in the ward. It has been reported that the patient went for medication and doctors admitted him after realizing he needs more attention. He had been lying in hospital bed for couple of days. It has been reported that this goat arrived and went straight to the reception desk. The goat was actually leading while hens follow behind. It has been revealed that people were left wondering how they arrived there since these hospital is often guarded. Nobody dared sending these animals away. Patients who were waiting to see the doctor stood there shocked asking each other rhetoric questions. It has been reported that these animals left reception desk and went to the ward. By then everybody was recording using a smartphone. They went straight to where their owner was lying. These hens jumped on the bed. The goat stood close to that bed.(Source, Modern Kenyan Corps)

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