Looming Hard Times For Aged Teachers After The New TSC's Move


The changes that the government has brought in the Education system have been welcomed by majority of people in the country.Educationists have argued that the new system will fully take care of the learners in terms of the required skills during the learning process.

On the other hand,inorder to adapt with the changes,the teachers employer is also in a rush to make the teachers have a vast of knowlege of the system.Currently,the teachers have been in several occasions trained on the CBC manuals but majority of the teachers are still not understanding some concepts.For instance,the teachers have at times complained about the complicated CBC schemes of work and the Lesson plans.Many have resolved to buy them from the cybers instead of hand-written ones.

The aged teachers have been sent to the drawing board by the new TSC's move.The Teachers' employer has constantly insisted that the 21st century must be digitally literate.It has now introduced an 8 sessions Remote Learning Manual for the teachers.The program is aimed at incorporating ICT in the teaching and learning.All the teachers will have to attend all the 8 sessions consecutively until all of them are trained.

With the dynamics of today's ICT prospects,the old teachers who are probably above 50 years old and are soon retiring are likely to find it hard subjecting them to ICT training.Considering that some remote areas have no internet and some have even no smartphones to exercise their brains on ICT issues,some of these teachers are now completely sent back to the drawing board.

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