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If you are about to go back to school, look for a job or thinking about changing your career path, it is important to understand the job market so that you can make the right decisions.


Communication is important in all relationships and the same applies in business. For instance, businesses and companies that want to increase their clientele need people with good language and communication skills to reach out to different markets and clients. In addition, clients need to learn about the products and services hence the requirement of companies to employ people with good language skills who can also communicate effectively.

Jobs in these industry include positions such as being a community specialist, translator, writer or editor.


The COVID-19 pandemic proved how important healthcare professionals are. If you’re thinking about a career change or going back to school, consider the health industry.

Jobs that are available in this field include becoming a medical doctor, a nurse or midwife

IT and software development

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many industries have been migrating to online even if it’s not fully. Therefore, the demand for skills such as programming has been increasing. There is also stability in this industry and a potential for growth in one’s career.

You can become a data science specialist, software engineer or cybersecurity officer

Sales and Marketing

It is important that you learn about consumer trends and habits. Social media platforms have proven that having sales and marketing skills can be beneficial for a career in digital marketing or even social media management.

Job opportunities in this field include becoming an SEO specialist, sales manager, brand manager and marketing manager.

Customer service and office support

If you have an eye for detail and the ability to manage administration this could be an opportunity for you. There is no doubt that every company needs someone who will keep their books in order and although offices have become partially or fully virtual, there is still a demand for an admin person.

You can for instance think about up-skilling by learning to navigate Zoom Rooms. In any client- based business, excellent customer service is valuable. All you need is good listening skills, the ability to absorb information quickly and be able to solve problems.

Job opportunities include becoming an admin assistant, secretary and call centre agent.

Management and administration

During this pandemic businesses need to be more adaptable. Managers must therefore be more innovative and future-oriented to stay up to date with the latest trends and ensure that their businesses are going in the right direction. You should perhaps consider a short online course if you’re considering working in management for the first time or if you’re trying to keep abreast with your competitors.

Jobs in this field include becoming a project manager, human resource manager and business manager.

Remember that the modern workplace is always looking for tech-savvy people who are flexible and can easily adapt to changes. Whatever your current skills and experiences are, there is always an opportunity for to build on that in order to remain employable.

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