VIDEO: See Moment When Woliagba Danced At Dele's Birthday that Got People Talking

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VIDEO: See Moment When Woliagba Twerked At Dele's Birthday that Got People Talking

Speaking of Ayobami Ajewole, he is popularly known as Woli Agba. He is a a talented comedian with unimaginable abilities. He is a comic Yoruba-Nigeria gospel comedian and also a gospel singer.

Woli Agba always play his comedy role alongside Dele Omo Woli whose main name is Olamide Oladimeji. He also plays alongside Tunde Bolumole, Michael Allen and others.

Woli Agba was born on 20th November, 1982 in Ibadan, Oyo State while Dele Omo Woli was born on 23rd January.

Celebrating Dele Omo Woli yesterday, Woli Agba danced like he had never did before. He expressed how happy he is towards Dele and they both danced together with their wives.

Below is the link to the video that Woli Agba uploaded via his Instagram page:

People were very excited with the way Woliagba celebrated Dele and the way they danced and rejoiced together.

Below in screenshots and more are comments and reactions from their fans:

Having watched the video and read it all, what do you think?

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