Legends Who Refused To Pay Extra For Transportation


Every now and then you see some amazingly dangerous mode of transportation on our roads. The nature of the loads they carry speaks more about the mental state of that individual. Here are some shocking but yet funny ways people transport their heavy belongings:

You may laugh at first but then you ask yourself is this guy alright? What motivated him to do this? Is he broke?

This is the true meaning of overloading. It looks like they are travelling through the dessert where it is known to have some of the difficult living conditions. They might be running for their lives or for anything that might be so important.

As for me I'm just amazed at the skills they used to arrange and tie the stuff this for the kind of journey they are making. The vehicle looks old and can break anytime.

Whatever is tied behind this motorcycle must be so important I guess.

This guy wins the contest. That must be his favorite couch ever. Perhaps it's not a bad idea at all.

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