Advantages of Dating Short Girls

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There are so many advantages of Dating Short girls, but I will state only a few and trust me you will be convinced, that even after reading this article, you will search for one to date.

1. Unlike the tall girls, when it comes to great love, trust me short girls are expert.

2. Short girls are brilliant and wise, they give their boy Friend good ideas and motivations.

3. Short girls are beautiful when they are angry, you annoy her, then you will see her true beauty.

4. Kiss a short girl and you will never forget for the rest of your life.

5. Short girls are easy to carry, if you have a short girl that is the throphy God gave you.

6. Some tall girls are disrespectful but short girls will always respect you because they find you taller than they are.

7. Short girls love tall guys because they want to feel confident in their hands

8. Lastly short girls love their boy friend for whom they are and not because of money.

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