The Moment Peace Tried To Convince Pere That Jay Paul Is One Of The Wildcards

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Big Brother has revealed the two Wildcards of the Show to viewers during the diary sessions earlier today. According to Big Brother, Pere and Maria are the two Wildcards of the Show.

However, the Housemates don't know this yet and are still trying hard to figure out who the Wildcards are. During the diary sessions, Big Brother gave Jay Paul and Peace clues on how to identify the Wildcards.

Big Brother made it clear to Peace that the Wildcards held their diary sessions in succession. He also told Jay Paul that the Wildcards know themselves and they might be playing games to remain hidden.

These clues have caused great confusion among Housemates as they continue to find it difficult to know who the Wildcards really are.

Peace believes Jay Paul is one of the Wildcards because of his strange attitude in recent days. She tried to convince other Housemates to believe that Jay Paul is one of the Wildcards.

The talking point of this article is the moment Peace went to one of the Wildcards, Pere, to convince him that another male Housemate is the Wildcard.

I wonder what would be going through Pete's mind at the particular moment. I mean, Pere knows he's the male Wildcard in the House. It's funny to see Peace trying to convince Pere that another Housemate is the Wildcard.

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