Kweku Baako On Supposed Police Letter: If it turns out the Director-General of CID lied to me, I will apologize to Ghanaians


It is almost 2 weeks since the passing of Ibrahim Mohammed and 2 other persons who lost their lives through a protest. The military intervened in the protest and fired shots leading to the deaths. A Committee has been set up by the Interior Committee to bring out its findings as to what happened and what should be done.

On Newsfile today, Saturday, July 10, 2021, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako and Randy Abbey joined Samson Anyenini to discuss the Ejura protest and deaths. Samson narrated how the Ejura Police had written a letter to Kaaka to warn him of offensive conduct. Kweku Baako, however, disagreed and insisted that the letter was not from the Police. He noted that the Police letter had no letter head and only bore the Coat of Arms. 

“If it turns out to be so I will apologize. At least some days ago I checked with the Director General of CID personally and I have his answer here on my phone who told me this was not authentic and that they don’t use the Coat of arms. If it turns out that the Director General misinformed me I will take responsibility for articulating it here and apologize and retract to Ghanaians. Until then I hold my fire” Kweku Baako said.

However, many sources including the Police testimony have maintained that Kaaka was indeed arrested and warned for his work against the government.


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