Massive stir is caused as ‘secret’ name of Koku Anyidoho finally pops up for the first time


Koku Anyidoho maintains his position as one of the most credible and respected men in our political world. His innovations and thoughts are a top notch and this is why despite his current state, he still pulls the necessary crowd. Koku Anyidoho does nothing but promote politics in the country. He has on several occasions revealed that he stands for competence and was born with politics.

This cements the fact that he is not going anywhere outside politics now or ever. Koku Anyidoho has made an unusual and a first time revelation about something most people probably never knew. He has on several occasions revealed a lot about himself as he criticizes the incompetence on all levels but this is an exception.

In a recent post made by him, he made this statement below:

Most people had no idea behind this name but this secret other name has been revealed by Koku Anyidoho today. He stated that he is being called the bull and this has gained some attention under his post with new hearers asking several questions about the origin. He revealed this whiles limiting further information on why this name was given to him.

He seems focused and concentrated in his field of politics and Ghanaians must look for the good in him and his support in the political field. His flaws shouldn’t be the only thing people look at but also his competence. A bull he is indeed!