Gail Mabalane's daughter leaves her fans speechless with her recent hairstyle.

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Children normally take after their parents. So it's not much of a surprise when they look like them. It just buffles us when they look even better than their parents. Although a copy is not allowed to look better than an original. They are allowed to since they look like both their parents. 

Zoe Mabalane who is one of Mzansi's influential celeb tots. She models and also does other paid partnership adverts. She is also famous for her being her mother actress Gail Mabalane's photographer. This is one of her talents that we all love. She takes her mother beautiful pictures. 

She has long rich beautiful black hair. Her followers always ask her mother for her hair routine. She has shared a beautiful picture of herself with a new hairstyle. She has on cornrows that suit her perfectly. Gail and Kabelo gave birth to even better version of themselves. We are obsessed with her.

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