The SA is run by Mozambicans. “Unbelievable” look at the things they were caught stealing.

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In Olifantsfontein, an eastern suburb of Johannesburg, eight Mozambican nationals were detained Friday night. Because it was harvest time, the bandits were taking corn from a neighbouring farm at night. 

It's believed that a Mozambican national, 20 years old, was arrested on Wednesday night after allegedly stealing corn from an Omeath farm in Mvurwi in Mashonaland Central. 

Tulani Ndlovu's property was allegedly burglarized around 20:00 by Givemore Arumando, who was allegedly taking and shelling corn on the property. 

An eyewitness reported that Arumando had previously been caught stealing and shelling maize in the field on two separate occasions.

After being assaulted and interrogated by police, it was reported that he admitted he had an accomplice who is currently on the run.

Farmers all over the country are protesting, saying they were forced to grow maize under command farming and cannot pay back the inputs they used, so losing grain to thieves would be a major setback. They claim they were forced to protest. 

It is Maputo, Mozambique. According to the Maputo daily "Noticia," two unnamed males were shot dead by security guards from the state owned Mozambican Ports and Railways firm (CFM) when they were caught red-handed stealing grain off a commodities train destined for Zimbabwe' (CFFM). 

In the central district of Sofala, Francisco David, the station master, informed reporters that since July of last year, these kinds of thefts have increased "However, this year has been a particularly bad one. 

Due to the fact that we patrol a distance of approximately 450 meters, we need additional security personnel to keep track of the thefts.


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