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God is the father of all creation. He loves us so much because we are His children. As Christians we should always give God rewards the same way He also blesses us. God will never remind you that you need to reward Him but it will be upon yourself to decide whether to give thanks to Him or not. As a Christian you should know the types of rewards that you should give to God. Today I'm going to talk about some the best Rewards that a Christian should give to God.

1.Helping the needy.

This is one of the best ways a Christian should use to give rewards to God. You cannot give God money or food items directly instead take those things to the needy as a way of showing appreciation to God. If you help the needy God will be very happy with you since you are taking care of His lovely creations. If you want to reward God you can do so by helping the needy.

2.Giving offerings in the church.

Giving offerings is one of the best ways of giving reward to God. If God has done something great in your life, just reward Him with the little that you have. Giving offerings whenever you go to church. Those offerings will be used in building the church and helping those who doesn't have anything. That is a way of rewarding God indirectly since you cannot give Him those money.

3.Obeying His commandments.

God gave us the ten commandments that we should obey. As a Christian the best reward you can give God is to obey His commands and live according to His ways. He will never as for much because He knows that we are not perfect. As a Christian you should therefore learn to reward God for the good things that He has done to you.

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