5 Animals that are Actually Dangerous Despite their Innocent Looks

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Red fox

Big ears, shyness and a beautiful coat should never fool you into thinking that this animal is harmless. Even in children shows, most of the times this animal pose no danger. What most people don’t know it is the largest representative of its kind.

They are not really dangerous to humans since they avoid meting them at any cost but they can attack other small domestic animals like chickens. Sometimes the animals might be affected by rabies so it is not advisable to comfort them


This animal looks just harmless, cute, and fast and may be shy but if confronted by surprise the animal can be quite aggressive. It is not advisable to catch one because it can be a carrier of dangerous diseases. They are very curious and often get into secluded places

Freshwater snail 

When we talk about dangerous animals, most people might think about lions, cheetahs, tiger or even bears but snails too can be dangerous. Some freshwater snails species carry parasites that cause disease that attack human gastrointestinal tract. 

Honey bee

How do you react when you are confronted by bees? These insects are very dangerous most of us know how painful there sting is. According to studies, in some regions bees are more dangerous that snakes and spider. When a bee comes near you and you try to wave your hand, it might feel threatened and proceed to harm you. Generally they are just harmless if you just mind your business

Garden tiger moth

When walking across the field, you might notice butterflies taking off from the grass every now and then and one of the might land on you. Not all of these insects are harmless, the garden tiger moths represents butterflies which feel safe because even predators try to avoid it. This is because, of the neurotoxic chlorine esters they contain and hairs can cause irritation to u 

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