Consume melon to reduce the risk of stroke and cancer

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When summer arrives, what a pleasure to find melon on the market stalls! But this subtly sweet and deliciously scented fruit is not only good for our taste buds: for our health too.

 1. To stay hydrated: 

 Melon is a fruit that is about 90% water! Suffice to say that in the summer, to cool off and avoid dehydration, do not hesitate to consume it. Without fearing for our line: the melon is little sweet, and low in calories!

 2. Against water retention: 

 Notice to those who tend to bloat: thanks to its richness in water, potassium and calcium, melon has interesting diuretic properties. This means that it helps us eliminate excess water stored in the body, and prevents the swelling that goes with it!

 3. Against arterial hypertension: 

 Good news for people prone to arterial hypertension: the potassium contained in interesting quantities in melon (300 mg / 100 g) is known to counterbalance the harmful effects of a diet too rich in salt, and therefore reduce the risks of hypertension.

 4. Against cancer: 

 It's hard to hide it with its pretty orange color: melon is a fruit rich in carotenoids. Antioxidants which have been cited in numerous studies on cancer prevention ... Another good reason to consume them in abundance, right?

 5. For a strong skeleton: 

 It doesn't sound like that, but melon is a fairly high calcium fruit. A mineral which, as a reminder, participates in the (good) formation of the bones of our skeleton, but also of our teeth. 

And when we know that a calcium deficiency rhymes with the risk of fractures, dental problems, but also hair loss and weakened nails.

 6. Against joint pain: 

 Like most orange vegetables (carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, etc.), melon is a food rich in beta-carotene. A pigment that has the particularity of protecting our joints from inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis.

7. For a top view: 

 The beta-carotene contained in melon is a precursor pigment of vitamin A: this means that once in our body, in contact with other elements, it will be transformed into vitamin A. An antioxidant vitamin that has a beneficial action for our sight (it protects our retina and allows us to see better at night).

 8. For more elastic skin: 

 It is often said that thanks to its richness in beta-carotene, melon is a food that activates the production of melanin and tans, for a very appreciable healthy glow. But that's not all: melon also promotes collagen production (for less sagging, more elastic and less wrinkled skin) and healing.

9. Against constipation: 

 In view of its richness in soluble fibers, melon is one of those foods that should not be missed in case of constipation. Indeed, the fibers it contains have a beneficial effect on intestinal transit, which they accelerate (gently!).

10. For good vascular health: 

 Melon contains adenosine, a potent vasodilator that contributes to the health of our heart system. Thanks to melon, we can therefore minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

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