Senator Mutula Kilonzo in Trouble Over Allegations that He is Misleading Kalonzo Musyoka

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The flamboyant Makueni senator, Mutula Kilonzo Junior has found himself in a hot soup after Kenyans accused him of misleading the former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka.

Speaking to TV 47 on Wednesday evening, the senator maintained that the chief minister position offered to Kalonzo Musyoka by Raila Odinga if he wins the 2022 presidential contest is too low and he will not accept.

"Kwa nini wampe Kalonzo Musyoka cheo ni kama yeye ndiye prefect?" Senator Mutula Kilonzo.

To majority of Kenyans, the senator is one of the people who are burning the midnight candle to ensure that Kalonzo Musyoka does not rejoin the Azimio political formation.

They accused him of misadvising Kalonzo for his own selfish interest knowing that he can't win presidential election while him, he has higher chances of winning the Makueni governor's seat.

"Mutula hamtakii Kalonzo mema, juu yeye atachaguliwa kama gavana na amwache. Kalonzo anafaa afanye uamuzi wake binafsi," John Olwenya.

"You are scheming to take over from Kalonzo, he should be advised that he can't be allowed to inherit Kalonzo's three legged stool when he is still alive," Erick Buoga.

"Stop this hardline position, we know your intention is to make Kalonzo irrelevant," Gerald Omondi.

"Remember Kalonzo will need support from other regions, be humble and people will support him too," Alex Simiyu.

"Tell Kalonzo to return back to Azimio for his own benefits because one day he will need Baba's support to become president," Kennedy Odhiambo.


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