In case Of Reopening of Schools in May, These 3 Things Must Be Expected In Few Weeks Time (Opinion)


Considering that it is only remaining less than a week to school reopening and with the lockdown of some counties,the state of the nation address by the president in my opinion will come before the final reopening of the schools.

The country is not yet out of the woods as far as corona pandemic is concerned although the yesterday's number of infections brought alot of hopes for the country. The government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna also reaffirmed the government plan to reopen schools on May 10

With school reopening on May 10,expect the following to take place in Kenya in the remaining 2 weeks;

1. Easening of Lockdown

The red zoned counties shall be reopened in my opinion to facilitate movement of learners. These counties have continued to show progress as they have been registering low number of Covid 19 cabses as compared to the month of March.

2. There will be a thorough crackdown on matatus and buses flouting Covid 19 protocols. This will be aimed to ensure learners arrive in schools safely.

3. Due to decreasing cases of Covid 19 infections in the red zoned counties,the government will revise the curfew hours from 8am to 10pm like in the remaining counties in the country.