Andrew Kibe Slams Caroline Mutoko on Her Love Life

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Former Kiss100 radio presenter has recently chosen to direct his anger towards his former boss Caroline Mutoko.

The former radio presenter was talking about the need for ladies not to waste their young ears since they apparently had a 'crazy' need to get pregnant which would come back to bite them, if they wasted their years rejecting men.

Top Radio Africa journalist Caroline Mutoko, recently revealed her kids to the outside world through Social Media after a post she made on Mother's day.

Mutoko, has had some hard hitting opinions about how ladies should embrace feminism nature an not back down to the will of any man.

Her sentiments have however rubbed the likes of Andrew Kibe and fellow male enthusiast Amerix, who have all desribed Mutoko's sentiments as toxic femininity.

In Andrew Kibe's rant against Caroline Mutoko, the former Rogue radio owner, was quick to allege that Caroline's kids were adopted.

According to the radio presenter, Caroline had wasted her young years, not being able to acquire a man for herself, hence her choice to adopt. "Look at Caroline Mutoko, she wasted her years and that is why she she chose to adopt." Kibe said.

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