“ODM Made it Easy For One to Loot in Government,” Uhuru And Raila Blasted by Hon Nyoro


President Uhuru Kenyatta and Orange Democratic Movement Raila Odinga have been poked holes for allegedly controlling Members of Parliament since the duo entered into a collation that saw Deputy President William Ruto`s allies axed from top government positions for allegedly defiling the instruction of the Head of State.

DP Ruto ally and Legislator Hon. Ndindi Nyoro has taken to the limelight to claim that the National Assembly is set to transact some business in the course of the week in a sitting that is stated to benefit a few individuals.

According to Hon. Nyoro the bill seeks to put KQ, KAA and another entity called the Aviation Investment Corporation under one roof so that a few can benefit to the detriment of the common Mwananchi.

“The National Assembly is set to transact the above business this week in a special sitting that has been called to discuss other important issues of National interest. However, this specific bill is a patchwork of law that entrenches state capture and benefits only a few to the detriment of all citizens of Kenya,” a section of Hon. Nyoro`s sentiments read in part.

The subject noted that the reason as to why he has not taken the discussion to the parliament is because the opposition joined arms with Uhuru so that no one would question their secret affairs in the government.

“Many may argue what I`m writing should be transacted in parliament but I`m sure majority already know our parliament is moribund after the opposition merged with the governing party so that no one shouts when looting is happening,” Hon. Nyoro adds.

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