Raila Attacks President Uhuru And Ruto On Jubilee Failures

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Earlier today, the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga launched attacks on Jubilee government for not delivering the promises they gave to Kenyans before being elected. He was speaking to residents in Nyahururu county where he took his campaigns. He attracted a large crowd that warmly welcomed him in the region.

While speaking to the residents, he acknowledged that he had heard to the youths across the nation and promised not to let them down like the Jubilee government did. He recalled the promises of free laptops, stadiums, jobs and many more promises that have not yet been fully delivered in the ten year rule by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy.

The Orange Democratic Movement party leader promised to deliver his promises to them once he gets to power. He also told the residents to beware if leaders offering fake promises and to refuse to be manipulated in the coming 2022 general elections. These attacks seem to have been directed to the president and his deputy and has stirred reactions.

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