Meet Francie Maupin The Slay Queen Who Can Overthrow Moesha Budguong


How do you define beauty? Well everyone has his or her own opinion everybody’s definition about beauty is right because beauty is completely up to one’s perception. In this article I am to show you some pictures of the only slay queen who can overcome Moesha Budguong one of the most curvy African slay queens.

Francie Maupin is an American model and an instagram influencer. She is also known as Miss Diva kurves. She has been featured in many publications and some includes; plus model magazine and hair digest. Francie Maupin was raised in Atlanta and she started modeling in the year 2001. For sure she has been in the industry for over 20 years now.

She own a clothing company and she is winning hearts with her beautiful designs and curvy shape. She is also one of the popular and respected models in Atlanta. Also she is known to be one of the coolest models.

Below are some stunning pictures of Francie Maupin.

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