Second Monkey Pox Case Confirmed: Are We In For Another Pandemic?

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South Africans have been happy over the past couple of days after it was announced that for the first time in over two years they will be living without having to wear masks in public space, it was also confirmed that all the Covid-19 regulations have been suspended and it felt like a huge relive since lives seems to have gone back to normal, no more social distancing, sanitizing and all the restrictions, life has just gone back to normal, but their joy may be been short-lived since the very first monkey pox Case was confirmed on the same day that it was announced that masks have been dropped.

Reports emerging suggests that there has been a second case of Monkey Pox confirmed in Cape Town on Tuesday, this is reportedly on a 32 year old man who has no travelling history or anything like that.

"South Africa records a second Monkey pox case. The patient is a 32-year-old male from Cape Town with no travel history," reports suggests.

If there is one thing that South Africans don't want to go through ever again, it has to be the issue of having to be confined in their homes with the government impossing strict lockdown, everyone has heard enough of the lockdown in the past two years and if this Monkey Pox is not managed well, we might find ourselves having to go back to the strict lockdown.

Though this desease is not As contigeous as Covid-19, it look bad when you see a person who has been diagnosed and found to be sick, the aymptoms on a human Skin are very scary and no one would like to be among the statistics of those who have been sick, the department of Health needs to make sure that they manage this before it turns into an outbreak.


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