Why Men From The North Are "Monsters" in The Bedroom


One of the main purposes of the existence of man is to reproduce to continue the existence of mankind. The most scientific means of having children as at yet, is through mating. Aside offsprings, sex serves as a source of pleasure and relaxation. 

Intimacy also serve as a source of emotional bond in a relationship, research also shows that it improves your self confidence and decreasing blood pressure thereby maintaining a good heart condition.

When sex is not properly done, it leads to a lot of problems in relationships, which include constant nagging from spouse, infidelity among others.

In Ghana, men from the North are renowned to be monsters in the bedroom. These are some of the reasons why the are strong in bed;

1. The work they do; men from the Northern part of Ghana are mainly farmers. The type of farming they engage in is labor intensive, which entails them working very hard. Thanks to that they are always exercising, which is a prerequisite for a good sexual life.

2. The food they eat; people from Northern Ghana usually eat fresh food items from their farms. Their menu is made up of a minimum amount of additives. This keeps their system strong and their blood pressure regulated.

3. They are naturally endowed "down below". Men from the North are known to have preferable "third legs" that enhance their bedroom performance.

4. Some special combinations they use; examples of which pito, palm-wine and ataya juice. These localy made juice contain nutrients that enhance bedroom performance of these men.

So if you want to enhance your bedroom performance, exercising is key and watch what you eat.

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