Rainfall Expected In These Areas Within the Next 5 Days

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The Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD) predicts countrywide change in the condition of the atmosphere as the March-April-May rainfall season nears its end. According to the Department's five days weather forecast, most parts of the country is expected to be generally dry starting 18th to 22nd May 2022.

On the other hand, certain parts of the country like the Coastal parts of Kenya, shall continue to receive light to moderate rainfall within the above mentioned dateline. Also, parts of the Lake Victoria basin including counties within the scope of Nyanza shall experience similar weather condition.

Other areas that the Department's weather report maintain to receive rainfall include the Highlands West and East of the Rift Valley as well as the Central and South of the Rift Valley. In addition, the temperatures are expected to hit its maximum during the day while it shall reduce during the night hours.

According to KMD, some parts of Coastal Kenya, Northwestern and Northeastern Kenya shall instead have strong south-easterly winds with speeds exceeding 25knots of about 12.9metres per second within that dateline.

At the moment, farmers from all corners of the country are expected to be done with planting process and those that utilized the first drops of rainfall arguably eyes doing harvesting starting next month.

Source Link: https://meteo.go.ke/forecast/5-days-forecastPhoto: For Evidence.

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