Manana’s weight gain. [It seems Agreement is no longer a problem.]

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Check out Manana and Sido’s recent pictures!

Girl got rid of the side dish her husband kept around and has finally received her shine back.

Life seems to be all rosey and well for this couple who seemed to be on the verge of breaking up. It all started with a side chick that hooked Sido until Manana finding out almost three years of the infidelity. We all remember how tiny and skinny Manana was during the taping of the MinaNaweHouse reality show.

This was Manana and Sido during a live performance on the hit couples’ reality show. Receding hairline, weight loss and a very low mood is all we saw from the young lady but now she seems very happy and well fed!

Ladies,let’s not let men direct and dictate our weight and aura with their actions. Independent won’t allow you to break down all for a man! She seems like she is doing good so good for her.

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