Embu county: Irate Residents Set Ablaze A Primary School Bus For Knocking Down Boda Boda Operator

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A bizarre incident occurred on Monday morning at about 7:30 am, near Kmtc Embu, Embu county when a bus driver working for Lions School Primary driving along Embu hospital mortuary route knocked down and killed a boda boda operator almost instantly.

The bus driver was en route to pick pupils from their homes when the rider appeared from the opposite direction. In what is termed as careless driving, the bus driver hit the motor cycle from the front which sprawled the bike and the rider off the road.

Irate residents who arrived quickly at the scene and got wind of the matter, lit up the school bus after the bus driver fled from the scene. The angry mob claimed that they are tired of the numerous reports of careless driving in the region and will not stop torching down vehicles driven by incompetent drivers.

The dead rider was identified by the locals as being a hard working and disciplined rider by the locals. His mates said that he did not deserve in such an untimely manner.

Photo/Courtesy :Slain boda boda operator

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