10 Mistakes That Shuts Down Communication In Relationship


Communication is key value in relationship. For a relationship to go far people need to be open, talk and share what the have in their mind and heart. It takes both partners to build effective communication..

The following are some of the behaviors that hinders communication in relationship

- forcing your decision on your partner without giving them a chance to choose or express their views on the matter. For instance,you threatening them that you will walk away if they don't do or follow what you say.

- In relationship their is some degrees of manipulation to sustain them. Use of sweet words tend to bring love and happiness. But other use to gain and win for their own interest.

- anger in relationship, when you speak to your partner with a raised voice,their no meaningful conversation between you two. A polite communication encourages meaningful conversation and solves a problem.

- never be silent or avoiding your partner, their must be room for verbal communication.

- the mind reading behavior, you should adapt to it know how your partner feels,what they are thinking or doing.you should able to tell his/her mood.

- use of non verbal language, use of negative words or language directly to your partner can destroy the peace in relationship.

- Ignoring your partner's words,needs or feelings either because you are not listening to them or you choose not to. When one partner is ignore they may feel worthless or they have been taken for granted.

- wrong timing for certain conversation

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