Tribe Where Husband Marry Wife with 100-500 Cows.


It common with the Dinka people of South Sudan , women are highly respected and well taken care of. Marriages are expensive and involve 100-500 cows. 

When a man gets married, his wife will not cook or touch anything like a broom to sweep the floor for 3 years in a period called 'nyuuc'. 

That period is meant for her to rest, relax and enjoy as she grows more beautiful. Her husband's sisters will be the ones doing house works like cooking, sweeping, collecting firewood, fetching water and garden work. 

In the evening, she will meet other brides and roam around in gorgeous wears. Later, her husband will decide when he wants to organise a big party and slaughter a cow or goats to celebrate welcoming party. His wife will start to cook for the family and they rejoice. 

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