All Schools In Kenya Should Remain Closed & Online Classes To Begin With Immediate Effect (Opinion)


Corona virus pandemic is a serious, killer and dangerous disease that should be taken seriously. People need to follow health protocols. For the past two days, Kenyan have witnessed a worrying trend in covid-19 infection that have been announced by the ministry of health. These numbers continue to show that schools are not likely to be opened in May.

It is high time that the government should sit down and discuss how the future of students can be saved. It is obvious that the pandemic has disrupted the academic calendar thus it will force ministry of education to sit down again to come up with a new one.

However, in my own opinion I think schools should remain closed. We are in the middle of the pandemic and we are likely to be overwhelmed with this deadly virus if institutions are allowed to open. There are several ways in which learning can take place.

The government recently confirmed that they have received over 200 billion from IMF, this is huge amount of money that part of it should be put in education sector. Let online learning be adopted countrywide. All University students to continue with there studies online until when the curve would have flattened.

For the case of secondary, let the government organize for lesson programmes to be aired on televisions and radio stations. For those students from remote areas, let the government in collaboration with the area chiefs to make appropriate arrangements of ensuring that such kids have these equipments that help in learning.

Do you think Kenyan Government can afford online learning?