Landlords who evict students to face six months imprisonment


Any landlord found evicting or seizing comrades from his rental houses might face a brutal punishment by the law.The situation in most high institutions of learning is getting worse than it was expected. Students are struggling to make ends meet. This is due to number of an unavoidable circumstances.

Comrades mostly rely on loans to survive. Some have taken on social media to express their concerns at school. The disbursement of their loans in their respective accounts has been delayed. So far so good, nothing has happened just yet. Helb officials have been telling students to hold on a bit as the issue is being worked on.

This is a tough test for both students and their parents. Affording food has been a problem. Even rent payments is a headache. Students who get an understanding landlady or landlord are a bit safe from house eviction. But those who are so brutal, students are forced out of the house.

According to KTN news, the landlord who evicted students from his rentals might face conviction for six months. This is the students have failed to pay their rent arrears. This is against the law as government earlier on released a statement concerning rent payments. The current pandemic has affected even the government itself. Everyone should to understand the current situation at hand as we are all Kenyans. Comrades have their own rights, so as the land owners.