Students Who Wish To Enter University Campus Will Have To Be Vaccinated

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It is sad because people still think that everything is going to be normal one-day. Nothing will ever change and almost everyday of our lives , things will get worse or people will hear stories. Our everyday life will never go back to normal before the COVID 19. Each and everyday people will hear news and it is still going to be worse because we do not have a control over it. People should open their eyes and see. Our country will never be the same and it is about time people take things serious. They should stop believing what they see and try to introspect to see the real things.

People have vaccinated and yet now the number of people who are affected is increasing this should show people the truth. Though there are those people who are trying so hard to show people the truth. People choose to turn a blind eye and think that it is a conspiracy theories. Some of those conspiracy theories are the truth and they will come to pass. People are watching movies almost everyday but they do not get message. Those movies that you see it is things that will happen in our country.

The year 2022 students who want to go University will have to be vaccinated. They will need the vaccination certificate before they enter the premises. They do not have a choice but to vaccinated. Weather you like it or not you will have to take the jab. Mostly of workers had to vaccinate because they did not want to lose their jobs. They were scared that they will be fired. There are those who have been given until certain day to vaccinate or they will be fired. This is sad because they will use the things that people need to manipulate people to take the vaccine.


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