Get A Clear Idea On How To Find A Wifey Material


Some people may argue that the phrase 'wife material' has a negative impression coming from men but that is not the case.The reality is that most men today want a partner. In the past woman were associated with household chores such as bringing up children, cooking and just staying at homes but the world has changed.What men look for in a wife today is quite different.

For the sake of this article, the goal is not to be condescending to women but give a ideas of the qualities that make a lady a solid lifelong partner.This is so because some women have no interest in getting married and don't feel that they need a man's approval.

Although marriage qualities vary based on each person's preference there are several traits that most would agree make someone a wife material.It is important to consider the following qualities of a wifey material:

1.She tolerates your imperfections

Since no one is perfect, a wife material should be able to bear with with your annoying traits.She should not criticize you for just some single mistakes you have committed instead she should take it to the skull.She should even not bring up any past mistakes.

2.She gives you a second chance

This means that you will make mistakes and let her down from time to time in your marriage but she still gives you a second chance.This is a woman you count on to stay by your side for life.

3.She is financially independent

There is nothing wrong with one spouse being a breadwinner but a marriage can be destroyed once arguments over money arise. She should use money wisely and make good investment and bearing money making ventures in her fingertips.

4.She is in good terms with in laws.

Wives need to exhibit exemplary behavior and healthy relationship with her in laws. She should respect and show unconditional love towards them as her family.She never argues and carries grudges with them no matter what happens.

5.She views you as an equal

Both partners opinions,feeling and abilities are considered.A wife material will see you as being equal to her rather than trying to control all the decisions.

6.Ability to cope with financial constraints

All wife material tolerates their men in periods of financial crisis.They don't care that their men won't buy them expensive gifts or take them out for a weekend.Some even give their men money and believe that the future will be lit and will live a life of luxury.

7.She is their for you during your ups and down

Since life is never perfect and comes along with struggles, a loyal wife will support you even during the tough times.She accepts your vulnerable side and natures you when you are dealing with intense emotions.

8.She is God fearing

She attends church services when decently dressed, for spiritual nourishment. This ensures that she will raise her children in a Godly manner.

9.She is selfless

Sometimes marriage means sacrificing your desires for the good of your partner.She even supports your career goals as much as her own because she wants you to be successful as a couple.

10.She shares responsibility with you

If she contributes to the share of the household needs then this is a proof that she is a wife material and as well if she also shows interest in important things as a man you are good to go.

11.She makes efforts to know your friends

This means that she is aware that even in a marriage friends are needed.It marks a sign of strong marriage quality.

12.She is practically affectionate

A wife material proofs to be in deep love with you in different forms. She can hug, kiss you and this keeps the couples connected.She is willing to even introduce new things in the bedroom in order to keep passion in the relationship.

13.She allows you to make your own decisions

She will even listen to you when sharing your thoughts and your responses to her as well.This exhibits a loyal wife.

Therefore the above traits qualify a woman to earn the coveted tittle,'wife material' Can go through it and post your comments.