A Big Crowd Bursts Into Celebrations As Wajir's New Governor Is Sworn In [Video]


A day after the Senate upholding the impeachment of the second Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamud over abuse of office, the Deputy Governor Hon Ahmed Ali Muktar was sworn in at 12pm today on May 18th.

The swearing in ceremony of Hon Ahmed Ali Muktar was held at the premises of the Wajir County Governor's Office and it attracted quite a multitude as seen below.

Throughout the ceremony, the hundreds of Wajir residents that had turned up to witness the ceremony made incessant noise but didn't deter the ceremony from going on.

Then after reading the oath and signing the certificate that was presented before him as well as other certifications, the new Governor raised one certificate in the air to show everyone that indeed he's their Governor.

The response he got from the elated crowd were ululations in what was their way of saying they were happy to have him as their new Governor.

Below are some photos that captured the ceremony.


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