Kwesi Pratt Dismayed As Nkrumah's Human Rights Record Gets Stained


An account of how neo-colonialism caused the retrogression of Ghana's development has been detailed by the Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Junior. As a pan-Africanist and a strong advocate of Nkrumahism, Kwesi Pratt finds it outrightly unfit for the Busia tradition and other cohorts of the neo-colonial movement in Ghana, to make claims that the British administration was much better as compared to Dr. KWame Nkrumah's, more specifically in respect of human rights.

Recounting events that unfolded on 24 February 1966, which marked the overthrow of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's government, Kwesi Pratt exclaimed that "it was a day the Ghanaian people betrayed this nation." He mentioned that it is a "double standard" of the Busia tradition and others to lay accusations at Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of what became of the nation after his overthrow and to an extent today.

He mentioned that it is incorrect to make any comparison about human rights between Nkrumah's administration and the colonial administration of the British. Kwesi Pratt argued that Ghanaians and African colonies never enjoyed the privileges and rights under those regimes as it became of Nkrumah's.

"They burnt the houses of former presidents and so on....and nothing has happened. Double standards indeed. And these are the people who had the effrontery and attack Nkrumah's human rights record. It cant be!

"My very good friend and brother is saying that the human rights record of the British administration was better than Nkrumah. That is their standard. What? The human rights record of colonial power? They don't even understand our history. Britain imposed itself on us through force. Under colonialism, the people of Ghana had no right to elect their own leaders. The head of governance was appointed by the Queen of England and we had no say in it," he stated on Pan African TV.

Kwesi Pratt was advancing an argument on the topic; "Ghana's Day of Shame". He impressed on the panel and the viewers that the nation was on a path of unmatched development across the globe. He mentioned that nations from the West and East, learned of his philosophy to develop theirs which today had advanced beyond our imaginations.