Ariana Grande posts new photos saying:"Happy monday."


Ariana Grande-Butera is an American singer and actress.Born in Boca Raton,Florida.She has many hit songs that is listened to all over the world.She began her career at age 15 in the 2008 Broadway musical 13.She gained fame when she acted in the Nickelodeon movie series Sam and Cat,where she played the role as Cat Valentine.

Since then she has rose to stardom in the entertainment industry most especially the music role.The American singer has made lots of music with big stars like Niki minaj,etc.she also has hit songs like,side to side,picking it up,etc.Her songs is all on the Bill board top 10 hit.

On the slaying aspect,she thrills her fan on styles and post on her Twitter and Instagram handle,though she is 27year old she still carries a small girl appearance that get fans racking thier brian

Few hours ago she posted on her Instagram page wishing everybody most especially her fans"happy monday." Of course it is a new week,as it is monday where will have all the hustle and bassle on the streets,offices and shop because she cares,she wishes them a happy Monday.

In the post she is found slaying in perfect sweet gown and on a high hills shoe,which got fans giving her nice comment. She is practically everyone's favourite and including one the best musicians in the world.

She's a lovely musician that sings sense and give meaning to what ever she sings. Veiw her lovely photo below